Finally there was a glimmer of hope for a good result at Brands Hatch after the powers to be in the 2011 British GT Championship decided to get the balance of performance correct. Or rather corrected.

The Rosso Verde Ferrari 430 Scuderia would loose 10mm of right height and remove all ballast. But would this be enough to be competitive against the Michelotto-built 458 GT3? And the dynamite Trackspeed Porsche?
Allan and Hector Lester would no doubt have to wait until the end of qualifying to see if the changes to the BoP have been effective and to determine the effectiveness of the SRO governing body changes. But at any rate, the Scuderia is in its racing twighlight zone, certainly at this level of competition. Someone will love its heritage soon.

Practice went extremely well, being second fastest in the first session, moving upwards to fastest in the second. But despite what appears to be a great efforts, the rate of change between then new cars and older ones are different.

Last year, Allan had the pole at Brands Hatch with a time of 1.26.8, a time he was hoping he could replicate. Surely the 458s could do a faster lap, but could they? If Allan grabbed pole, he'd do his best to keep them behind!

The time was equalled, but that was only good enough for third. But it was a two hour race.

Hector was doing the start, just as it started to rain lightly. It was not wet enough for wet tyres so it was important to take it steady and not run off track. But clearly it was unnerving some of the other drivers.

The Ultsterman keep it clean and took perfect opportunity of a safety car intervention at the 45 minute mark. However, the SC incorrectly picked Hector up as the race leader, effectively trapping him a lap down. Two laps later he was waved by into his correct position, but it was a big gap to get back onto the train, not helped by a mega slow GT4 Aston Martin who was doing the same speed as the SC!

The race resumed, 55 minutes in, with Hector now finding himself 40 seconds off the leaders.

Then its the one hour mark, and he pits, handing over to Allan. And the is race back on to grab the lead.

A perfect pitstop was executed and our Danish hero headed out to do battle.

Immediately he was lapping 4 seconds faster than anyone else, on fresh dry rubber, in tricky conditions.

Ninety minutes in. The track was now completely dry and the 458s upped the ante, lapping very quickly. A Porsche led the race and despite Allan lapping 1 second quicker right until the end the gap was too great. The'd settle for fourth palce behind the Porsche and two 458s. It was the best possible job the team could collectively do, given the equipment and volume of new cars in the championship

Next weekend, the third round of the Le Mans Series, at Imola, Italy