Imagine if you'd entered a championship with argueably the best car, won a bunch of races and was leading the whole deal to suddenly find that the car was not legal. All you're poinst wiped and the car thrown out?

That is exactly what has happened after protests from David and Godfrey Jones and their Preci Spark Ascari team. The MSA’s National Court has ruled that the Mosler MT900 GT3 is no longer eligible to race in the GT3 Class of the British GT Championship. Yikes! That's going to piss some people off.
It's a complex issue pinpointing exactly why this has happened but it appears the SRO (the body that promotes FIA GT racing around the globe) neglected to add two words to the FIA homologation documents - "and national" - which would have allowed the Mosler to contest the British GT Championship, one that is considered "National".

But as is inevitable, one tradgedy is offset by another victory.

With Dan Brown, no longer in the points or the championship, it would be down to three cars to take the title: A Viper, an Ascari and Allan Simonsen/Hector Lester's Rosso Verdi Ferrari 430 GT3.

Whilst it was not mathematically impossible for Simonsen to take the title, he was 10 points adript of his team mate.

The odd timing of the Le Mans 24 Hour race had forced the Dane to miss Knockhill. Only if Hector was unable to drive would the situation change and this was most unlikely. Consequently all efforts were now behind Hector, to secure him his first national title.

Thirty kilograms of ballast still lay in the Ferrari, albiet strategically placed. It would make the job difficult, but so long as Hector kept out of trouble and handed the car to Allan as early as possible with out losing too much time, there was a good chance of grabbing points.

On a full tank of fuel, Simonsen headed to practice and the result was encouraging – only the new generation GT3's (F430 Scuderia, Ford GT) could keep in touch. Suddenly, Hector heading infield, in the final moments of practice, with the fire extinguisher setting itself off! More clean up work for the team and an early shower for Hector.

Racing can be so weird. how can things suddenly change so dramatically? With P being very positive, Allan set out for qualifying only to find the car unable to rev over 4000rpm. Game over! They would now start from rear of grid.

Hector did what he could as the race unfolded, clearing the GT4 cars to hang onto the rear of the GT3 field.

At the 30 minute mark, the Chad Racing Ferrari touched their Ferrari, tearing the front bumper off, causing handling problems.

That meant 20 minutes of pain for Hector, before he could come in to swap driving duties to Allan. In that time he lost a lap.

At handover time, the engineers looked at the damage, costing a further 3 laps. The front bumper mounting points were damaged and were unable to be repaired, so with 70 minutes left, Allan headed out sans front aero aids! Not pleasant.
Never let it be said that Allan Simonsen is one to give up, no matter what the odds. With the car less than optimum he would set the fastest race lap on his 2nd lap. But 4 laps down is too much for anyone and the team salavaged 6th place.

This now put Hector in 70 points, 1 down from the leaders, Allan in 4th, with 60 points.

With 20kg of ballast now able to be shod for Brands Hatch, things are looking very positive indeed for an exciting finale.