After the success of Spa, Allan Simosnsen and Hector Lestor were hoping to take their Rosso Verde/UBC Ferrari 430 GT3 to the lead of the British GT Championship at Rockingham.

There was only a single point between them and the leaders and the duo arrived ready to change history.
With the 24 Hours of Le Mans clashing with the next round, at Knockhill in Scotland, it was essential to take the points lead and with some considerable margin.

Practice was critical and with track temp over 35C, the Avons were struggling to cope. The heat accelerated tyre drop-off and after a couple of laps, the grip has gone south. But as for the warm weather, everyone agreed it quite unseasonal for England really!

Allan kept his qualifying record intact by taking pole position once again, by over half a second. For the record, Simonsen has never started off any other position at Rockingham, than the front row.

Hector started the first race but quickly went backwards through the field and after 23 minutes gave Allan a task similar to what Nick O'Halloran had one a week prior at Phillip Island – chase everyone from last. What was going on with his co-drivers of late!?
One by one Allan passed the opposition to win GT3 (quite amazing really) although it was actually second on the road – a Ginetta 50Z was ahead by 4 seconds making up part of an invitational category. One more lap would have done the trick but the 50Z's position on the road was irrelevant to the BGT title race.

As race two unfolded, from pole, Allan found himself challenged from the second best looking guy in BGT – Adam Wilcox – coming from 3rd place (so who is best looking then Al ? - ha ha) into turn one. It was simply a case of wait and see who blinks first.

Several laps of side-by-side racing ensued and its was a battle that thrilled the crowd, only to be spoilt by car 21 inconviently catching fire, forcing the safety car out.

Apart from a great battle cut short, this was the time Allan needed to romp away and build a gap allowing Hector the best chance to stay up front.

On the restart, Simonsen handed Wilcox the same pill he'd dished out at the start.

By the 37 minute board, he'd built up a 10 second gap.

Now with Hector in the car, the lead quickly vanished and the Englishman brought the car home in 8th, and 7th in class.

Still it was enough to take the British GT Championship lead, for yet another year. Allan also set fastest lap.

Now all eyes are on Le Mans. Dominik Farnbacher and Christian Montenari complete the line up and for the first time at Le Mans, Allan faces the strong prospect of GT2 victory. Its now down to luck and how effective the Hankooks will be over long stints.