SUNDAY 30 MAY 2010
They say there is no rest for the wicked. That however is not true. With his amazingly wicked result at Nürburgring, just behind him, Allan Simonsen slept like a baby on a long haul flight to Australia, a few days later.

His old friend and team owner, Ted Huglin had just taken delivery of the latest Reiter Engineering Lamborghini LP560...

Earlier in the year, Allan had contested the Bathurst 12 Hour alongside Marcus Zukanovic and Jason Bright in a very powerful but largely unrace tested Shelby GT500 Mustang.

At the same event was Ted, driving for what would be the last time his first Gallardo GT3. One evening, Ted and Allan got together.

"I'm getting a new LP560, said the 74 year old Ted and current Victorian sportscar champion.

"Can you come out for a weekend, if you are free, to co-drive at the Eastern Creek Sportcar Festival.

Allan was quick to reply. "I'd love to Ted – I need to add the Lambo to my resume anyway"

And so it came to pass, that the weekend in question was also free for the Danish superstar.

Allan was relishing the chance to drive the latest incarnation of the Gallardo racer, especially since it has been given the blessing of Reiter Engineering, the swiss tuning house, that is synonomous with race-spec Lamborghini's. They are what AMG is to Mercedes, Schnitzer to BMW and Michelotto to Ferrari.
His feet had barely touched Australian soil, before he was tapping the pedals of one super quick Lambo around Eastern Creek.

The car was good, right out of the box, having been shaken down at Sandown, the week before.

When you buy a car of this stature (and expense), you get a couple of technical bodyguards from Rieter with the deal. No that the engineers minded a trip to Oz, who where on hand to help with fine tuning at The Creek. Some minor changes and it was all good, Simonsen being easily the quickest.

Qualifying started wet but dried somewhat through the session.

The new Lambo was delivering the goods – P1 throughout Q. On pole.

Three races were scheduled for the weekend. One for Allan. One for Ted and then the good old driver swap race. Just like British GT. Just like the old days, when Allan raced Ted's Michelotto 360GT in the Australian GT Championship – and his title winning year.

Allan easily won his race on a track with similar conditions to qualifying. Ted had been on at Allan to break the lap record, one that ironically Allan still held. But the conditions were not favourable.

Race Two and Ted was in the car, having qualified 4th. Having made a good start, but at the back of the circuit, near Corporate Hill, trouble was brewing.

Perhaps, it was a bit too early on the throttle. Maybe there was water lying on the track. But the result was unpleasant for both driver and wallet.

The brand new LP560 GT3 spun on the exit of Turn 7 and accelerated on the wet grass. It had been raining all week so the run off area was waterlogged. It was a hard hit, in the rear and suddenly the Italian stallion was a full half metre shorter. Damage was huge and not one that could be fixed at the track. Game over!

Ted was disappointed, as was Allan, when they tried to reconstruct the evnets leading up to the crash.

"I didn't see it, but others had noticed a significant amound of mud on the edge of that corner from the sighting lap, said Ted.

"Perhaps it ran on the track or another car dragged it on from an early race. What done is done and we'll get it sorted. I am sorry for Allan having come so far and not had a complete drive, but he has given it the first win. The Reiter guys are already on it. Not a cheap fix but that's the way it goes. Either way I'm not downgrading from a lovely Petalum Chardonnay, which I think is coming my way very very soon!"

And with that, Allan rebooked his flight and disappeared back to where Danish people come from for a few days before emabrarking on his next adventure - British GT at Spa.